You are able to submit tax withholding information with zero amounts due here. Our U.S. Bank parnter handles balance due withholding separately. You can submit a single or batch filing depending on how many zero balance records you need to submit.

To use the E-Payment Site or the Zero WithHolding Site you must have the following information:

  1. Federal Identification Number (FID #)
  2. City of Dayton Tax ID (not FID #)
    • This number is used as your password on the EPayment Site
    • To obtain this number email your FID#, company name, contact person name, contact person title, and contact person phone number to
    • You will receive an email with your City of Dayton Tax Account Number within two business days from your request.
  3. Blank Check for your bank account and bank routing information
  4. Amount of Payroll Tax Due
  5. Year for which the tax is due
  6. Period (month or quarter) for which the tax is due

Payroll taxes may not be paid by credit card or paper check. Payroll taxes are required to be paid by ACH initiated by your bank or by utilizing the E-Payment Site.

Note: There are a set of requirements needed in order to upload batches of zero withholding information. Batch Filing Help

E-Payment Site